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The Italian Chefs Association was born with the intention of pursuing the following goals:


  • Establish a female and / or male representation of those outside the Italian territory who are dedicated to professional and non-professional culinary activities, in support of the Italian-Mediterranean-Euro-Mediterranean cuisine to develop their activity in a capillary way by improving knowledge and cooperation between all operators in the sector.


  • Collaborate with local associations and authorities to better spread Italian gastronomic culture and protect its historical heritage.


  • Organize in collaboration with other training bodies, entities, private and non-private schools of professional training activities, in-depth studies of kitchen technical knowledge, updates and professional retraining of people operating in the gastronomy sector.


Everyone who wants to join can become a member of the Italian Chefs Association: chefs, pizza chefs, chefs, students, school leaders, media operators, supporters, lovers of proper nutrition, as well as lovers and enthusiasts of Mediterranean cuisine.

Italian and foreign citizens can join the association as long as our main goal is to promote Italian cuisine and improve the chef's role as a health promoter by engaging in food education projects, as well as in accordance with the rules of ethics of the association itself, which provides:


  • to supervise the conduct implemented by each member who must respect the performance of his profession respecting the image without this being to the detriment of the credibility and morality of the Italian Chefs' Association;

  • each member must set an example of impeccable moral integrity and civil conduct even outside professional practice in order to maintain a high level of personal and class dignity;

  • all those who want to be part of the Association of Italian Chefs must read and accept the rules contained in the rules / code of ethics that ACI has established in accordance with the statute and which is mandatory for those who decide to join.


                                                                                                                                                                                  ACI President

                                                                                                                                                                                  Enza Barbaro

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