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"Donna Chef" - an important and precious resource that the president of the Associazione Cuochi Italiani - Chef Enza Barbaro, has brought up and intends to strengthen and protect her, taking into account the fact that "woman" always represents wealth in the family and society.


"Donna Chef" - is the chest full of experience, the amphora of secrets inherited from my mother, from grandparents, in a society where family reunification will highlight "knowledge", rediscovering traditions.


So, from here begins a journey that is already a reality more than a bet, a tangible certainty, due to the approach of the president.  to chefs, both women and men, adults and young people, teenagers and children, an activity already undertaken by the Associazione Cuochi Italiani, in spreading food education that was born and raised as a need from the first days of existence.


As of this year, therefore, "Donna Chef" is on an equal footing with chefs, within the Associazione Cuochi Italiani, on European territory, a name that unites professionals,  students, amateurs and why not, grandmothers passionate about gastronomy, on the same level as male chefs.  


Associazione Cuochi Italiani, respecting the members registered in the association under various titles, continues the model of the family of chefs, valuing the "figure of the chef" who every day pays attention to Italian gastronomy, originality, quality and fully respects the code of ethics and regulations.


For restaurants, additional recognition is provided for the presence in the structure of at least one chef or a "Donna Chef", a member of the association, who supports the principles mentioned above. An "ORIGINI ITALIANE" membership card will be handed in, adhering to the ACI recognition regulations.

                                                 ACI President

                                                  Enza Barbaro

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